The glass of Murano
from another
point of view

Creativity, craftsmanship, passion and tradition
Murano glass

Vetreria Ducale, a journey through time and history through centuries of art and creativity.

A centuries-old art

We look to the future remembering the past and the precious heritage of this ancient art

A tradition that has been handed down for generations. A priceless past received in dowry.
For over 70 years we have represented excellence in the production of artistic Murano glass with exclusive collections signed by the best masters.

Glass comes from far, far away and today we carry on the tradition.

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A valuable knowledge

A special charm,
a timeless art

An ancient tradition made of colors, design objects and creativity and what for centuries characterizes and enhances the Italian glass tradition.

The production of glass objects remains the highest expression of the refined work of many dynasties of master glassmakers who have handed down the art of transforming sand with fire and air, in the secret of their island.