A thousand shades,
one vase

Detail is what makes a vase unique

The unique and unrepeatable charm of Murano glass

Elegant and colorful, they give a touch of class to any environment and bring everywhere the charm and excellence of Made in Italy typical of Venice and Murano.
Murrina vases, Vintage Glass Vases, Murano vases with long neck, with gold leaf, classic, modern, pied, high, low, large or small.

They are all splendid works made of blown Murano glass. Each vase has its own particular that makes it unique and unrepeatable, perfect for the joy of those who see it for the first time or for those who have the opportunity to admire it every day in their own home.

Decorative vases for every style of furniture

Perhaps the evolution of the design and decoration of Murano glass cannot be observed in any other field better than vases and jugs.

Although the sculpture of the Murano glass vases is a practice as old as the work of the glass itself, the colors, shapes, sizes and textures have developed constantly under the hands of the master glassmakers of Murano.