Prestige for
every environment

Detail is what makes a chandelier unique

Elegant creations able to donate classe and prestigio to any environment

The chandelier is perhaps the main object of the glass art, made for centuries by the masters of the island in all its different sizes and declinations.
Originally used to make the palaces of the Venetian nobles even more beautiful, it has become over time one of the most iconic and appreciated Murano glass artifacts in the world.
Today, the splendid chandeliers produced by Vetreria Ducale are elegant creations able to give class and prestige to any environment, and to use both the most classic and modern and contemporary languages.

Different styles,
same class

From the most modern Murano blown glass chandeliers to those of baroque conception where, in a linear or radial way, the arms multiply in cascade, giving rise to spectacular lighting effects.

There is no better way to illuminate your home, office, restaurant or hotel in an elegant way than with an artistic chandelier, symbol of a centuries-old Venetian glass tradition.