One of the most
old uses

Detail is what makes a service unique

Elegant creations able to donate classe and prestigio to any environment

With the refinement of the crystal glass production technique, one of the first and oldest uses of this “new” perfectly transparent material was the making of cups and bottles for wine, glasses, cups, goblets, trays and plates.
Even today, the Vetreria Ducale excels in the production of tableware of great artistic and qualitative value, making entirely handmade articles in blown glass according to the tradition of Murano.

Art of service

A fusion of different styles, shapes and colors to give a touch of elegance to your table

The result is something very special: a functional work of art that can be used every day without sacrificing its original beauty or functionality.
Created with high quality materials and designed by skilled craftsmen who understand how important beauty is in every aspect of life.