We reflect the beauty

The magic of Venetian artistic mirrors

Works of art with an ancient flavour cross the modern reflecting light and history

The realization of mirrors in fine Murano glass is an ancient and delicate art, which demands a formidable mastery. Even today in the furnaces of the Vetreria Ducale the most famous contemporary masters work glass to create unique and inimitable pieces, shaping sinuous and elegant lines to give life to mirrors of fine workmanship, classic in their modernity, different in style and size, able to embellish any environment with grace and refinement.

Reflecting in the art

Ancient is the history of Venetian mirrors, which continues today thanks to the masters who not only carried on the old traditions but also gave a modern touch to this beautiful object.

Venetian mirrors handcrafted starting from the ancient traditions of Murano glass working with a unique style that goes well with contemporary environments. Unique glass mirrors, whose beauty of the past finds new reflections and new forms.