Since 1950 with passion

The artistic glass in Murano
A centuries-old art

For over 70 years we represent excellence in the production of artistic glass of Murano

For almost a thousand years in Murano glass has been worked, families have handed down this precious knowledge from generation to generation, and it is the intrinsic nature of the island that has allowed it to keep its secrets.
The Vetreria Ducale since 1950 represents the best of the artistic glass production of Murano, crossing the different styles and intuitions of the twentieth century to achieve in perfect continuity to what is new this amazing art still creates today.
In its historic headquarters, the best master glassmakers renew every day an ancient magic, shaping with wisdom and talent a material with unique characteristics, obtaining surprising volumes and colors from a shapeless and glowing mass.

Chandeliers and mirrors, tableware and sculptures: whatever the shape and functionality of the objects, all made exclusively by hand, express today more than ever the absolute excellence of contemporary artistic glass.

Continuous research

Keeping up with the times to give value to a glorious past

To make the most of a precious heritage, we cannot limit ourselves to living from a glorious past, but we must keep up with the times, innovate, both on the productive front and on the more strictly creative one.

This is why the Vetreria Ducale has returned to work with the best masters of the island, exhibiting their new works and undertaking what many recognize as a new course for Murano.

We value what we do

We live the present with passion and enthusiasm

«Because the present must be lived with enthusiasm and passion, and it is fundamental to always keep an eye on the future, especially for those who, like us, have the good fortune of having received an invaluable past as a dowry».