Free rein
to fantasy

Express your creativity and ingenuity

Transforming an ancient and fascinating technique into authentic art.

Glass is a mysterious and powerful material, ductile yet extremely hostile to those who do not know its secrets. Those who manage to catch them, on the other hand, can express their creativity and ingenuity to the maximum.
It is in the realization of the glass sculptures that the masters of Murano give free rein to the imagination, transforming into authentic art a technique as ancient as fascinating.

Vetreria Ducale keeps this tradition alive, creating unique works signed by the most talented contemporary artists.
These works of art are made according to the most ancient and consolidated techniques of Murano workmanship

Pieces from collection

In these works of glass the artistic genius is contained in the bold shapes, in the skilful technique, in the “staccate” and in the small air bubbles that are inevitably synonymous with craftsmanship.

Whether it’s glass animals, figurines or large works, each of these modern sculptures embodies its own uniqueness.