For a special

A precious object made to measure

The prestige and exclusivity of an object unique in the world created by the masters of Murano.

A precious object made of Murano glass, designed for a special occasion and made to measure: here is an original idea for anyone who wants to celebrate an event in an exclusive way, but also for professionals and companies who intend to entrust their image or their logo to an artistic artifact of great value.
A handmade glass object is by nature a unique and unrepeatable piece because it is born from a living and throbbing material, sensitive to a thousand variables, perhaps imperceptible but real.

The uniqueness of the glass created by Vetreria Ducale is further enhanced by the possibility of turning any idea into reality, guaranteeing quality and professionalism.

Created on your needs

Discover, select, convey, inspire and advise. Salviati collects the creative stimuli and the design of its customers and transforms them into Murano glass. Thus begins a shared journey through the mutual suggestions and inspirations.

To achieve high-level results, Vetreria Ducale takes into account all the artistic needs, emotions and in equal measure the technical aspects of the customers, providing concrete, innovative and new ideas and image strategies.